Engler and Engler.
Kindred spirits.

Two communications designers with over twenty years of professional experience in all, including 10 years in our own design studio. As a team we step to the same rhythm, not only when hiking, but also while working together. We play different parts but are always attuned to the other’s role.


Christin designer // enamored of words, both written and spoken // materials and colors enthusiast // organizational wizard // creative volcano // fascinated by contrasts // always looking, always in motion // striving for perfection // flexible in every aspect // with nomadic "roots" // yogini and mountain gal // royal enfield lover


Manuel // designer // web designer and programmer // pillar of strength as project leader and organizer // concept planner with penchant for networking // precise // always positive, always enthusiastic // infinitely patient // sees the world through a photographic eye // wannabe astronaut // covert mountain guide